Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Well, this is a bit pants

This was meant to be a lighthearted diary of my daily affairs.

Today though, my affairs have mostly been taking place in hospital.

Have been feeling a little on the rough side so tootled off to the docs this morning.

I thought I had a bit of a chest infection, was expecting a prescription for AntiB's and to be sent on my way....

Instead he sent me off to hospital with a suspected blood clot!

Along with these reassuring words, 'if you start to feel worse don't drive quicker, stop and call an ambulance'...alrighty then!

So here I am, fortunately not with a blood clot as that would have been nasty but with pneumonia, actual bloody pneumonia!

Just for the record could I point out that I am in fact 40 not 80, bloody pneumonia!

Am surrounded by lovely old people and feel that I am fitting right in...coughing, snoring, drinking lots of tea.

The lady next door keeps mumbling 'tea or coffee, tea or coffee' in a slightly eerie combination of Mrs Doyle & Mrs Overall.

I'm sitting here with baited breathe to see if the next expulsion will be 'Go on Go on Go on' or 'MACAROOOONS!'

Oooo codeine, lovely, might start breathing normally soon and get some sleep.

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