Thursday, 12 May 2016

A woodlouse by any other name...

In the garden this evening Meredith befriended a woodlouse.

It crawled inside her sleeve.

She looked into the end of her sleeve and said...

'Dave! Dave! Are you in there?'

'Dave Meredith?'

'Yes Mummy, Dave.'

Thursday, 5 May 2016

In a dark, dark house

Creeping, silently, like a ninja.

In the dark, quiet, of night suddenly an eerie whisper,

'Daddy, DADDY!

I've lost my pillow...'


A rose by any other name

Meredith had a little headache when she went to bed last night so I gave her some calpol.

Waking up this morning the first thing she asked for was more medicine.

Mummy, there's a girl in my class called Medicine.

Pause - racks brain.

Maddison, Meredith, there's a girl in your class called Maddison.

Sleep is for wimps!

Heathcliff woke up about an hour ago screaming.

I went in and he was straight up and into my arms mumbling 'Mummy Daddy bedroom, I 'cared of my 'reams'

Because I am a softy he came in to our room for cuddles.

I have since been thwacked around the face three times and berated with the words...

'Mummy, 'top 'noring. I tryin' go 'leep now!'

He is now back in his own room.

He is asleep....

...I'm not...